I curate integrated well-being experiences for high-functioning, high-impact individuals. 

I help business leaders and entrepreneurs go from Confusion to Clarity, about who they truly are. 

Then we leverage that self-mastery to

  • deepen relationships

  • increase creativity, 

  • and grow overall performance in life. 

My interest is in merging proven results of behavioral science study with understanding how personality and cultural background work with how our minds, hearts, and bodies connect. My Confusion to Clarity curriculum also explores how meditation, mindfulness and self-care practices are scientifically proven to expand your mission and increase your bottom line. 

Do you want an exciting, useful and applicable keynote or lecture? Danielle's knowledge, energy and gift to connect create an exciting, inspiring and immediately-practical keynote addresses make her a sought-after speaker...Learn More

Do you want to bring your staff, board, or team together to understand themselves and each other in new and powerful ways? Are you looking for new ways to explore the infinite benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Danielle can teach you how to improve relationships, communication, and complete your mission as a unit on the same page....Learn More 

Do you want to resolve specific problems around different perspectives, learn more about cultural, generational and identity diversity and relationship dynamics?  Danielle loves to work one on one with small groups, individuals, families and couples to go deeper into practices for self-understanding, self-mastery, effective communication and...Learn More

Say it with me: "Every part of my story has set me up for success."

How does that land for you?

My life's work and purpose in the world is to help you reflect on your story, observe your present self and begin to accept and love that person. 

Then, we compassionately move toward self-mastery, productivity and optimal performance personally, professionally, and beyond. 

When we begin to see ourselves and our world as we truly are, we are able to prepare a grace and compassion for those around us, increasing the warmth and wealth of our relationships in every area of our lives. 


Because of the time I spent with Danielle, I now understand what motivates me and why I get upset- belonging is so important to me. Now when I am upset, I can ask myself "Am I am feeling disconnected?" Usually, the answer is yes, and I can take the next steps to create a healthy connection.

Private Client

I would recommend Danielle's teaching because She was phenomenal! A very good facilitator for multi-sensory learning (which she probably wasn't aware of in our group, but lecture-style speaking can be difficult. She was wonderful though)

CEO/Corporate Client

My goal was for our board to become more familial as we navigate the challenges of directing our organization. Through Danielle's teaching, we grew to understand each other, hear each other and value our differences and perspectives.