"Danielle makes the difficult easy to understand with practical examples and illustrations."

-Conference Organizer

Danielle Fanfair will offer a keynote or a lecture that explores honoring one’s ideas, emotions and choices and cultivating wellness of the mind, heart and body. Participants will experience a self-examination of where they currently are on their unique journey and receive sound strategies and practices that increase their health and wellness. The results of Danielle Fanfair’s lectures empowers participants to:

  • Care for themselves and others with more compassion.

  • Learn and experiment with practices for developing mental clarity, emotional balance and physical wellness.

  • Explore ideas and wellness practices that are beneficial and enjoyable to each participant.

I agree with Bob Samples, a student of Albert Einstein when he said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

I can help you remember your unique gifts! 


"Danielle is able to put into words the feelings we have deep in our soul but have never been able to express. She will bring life to your deepest desires and meaning to your wildest ideas and passions.'

- Board Training Participant

Danielle uses the Enneagram as a larger part of her Confusion to Clarity curriculum to help professionals, non-profit organizations, and all types of groups go from Confusion to Clarity about who they truly are.

Your group will emerge from this workshop experience with more clarity for how to:

  • Understand Each Participant’s Personal Story & Unique Contributions,

  • Command a Skilled Use of Communication and Conflict De-escalation Practices,

  • Develop a Vocabulary of Their Needs,

  • Identify Growth Habits and Stress Responses,

  • Grow Capacity for Compassionate Observation, Acceptance, and Appreciating Different


  • Explore Mindfulness and Spiritual Practices through their unique lens




What is The Enneagram? 

Danielle teaches the Enneagram as apart of a larger curriculum for self-mastery, self-love and understanding others better. The Enneagram of Personality Types is a map that helps us understand who we are, and begins the journey of exploring our core fears and desires. 


Each point on the symbol represents one of nine paths of human nature. To understand your Enneagram type is to understand your personality, yes, and to go deeper. We'll explore childhood trauma, and move forward into the gifts and virtues that you possess. Our end goal is to uncover your True Essence, your Highest Mind, and your True Self. 


Journeying through your personality type is a journey through your story into personal wellness.  I like to think of the map as a tool that helps to bridge the gap between where we stand and the abundant promises of our wisdom traditions. Our journey develops in us clearer understanding, more love, deeper faith, and self-control. Take a test and learn your personality type by clicking here. 



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During an appointment, we will explore your unique personal story and personality type. Then we'll navigate the Enneagram as a tool for unearthing: 


  • Increased Productivity

  • Deeper Creativity

  • More Success in Intimate Relationships


Finally, we will explore the physical, mental and spiritual practices of wellness that support your True Essence.




Learn practices and read stories on my blog.


Read my story here.


Want to learn more about intuition, intelligence, and discernment? Download your free copy of the Deepening Discernment Guidebook.




Spending time with Danielle, you get a better insight of who you really are. It's great to understand why we act a certain way and it's good to embrace it." -Client

Danielle uses the Enneagram as a larger part of her Confusion to Clarity curriculum to help professional women, groups, and business leaders go from Confusion to Clarity about who you truly are.


You will emerge from this one on one experience with a clearer understanding of your:

  • True Essence and Unique contributions,

  • Communication and conflict styles,

  • A vocabulary of needs,

  • Growth habits and Stress responses,

  • Motivations

  • Personal story

  • Decision-Making Practices

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