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Danielle can take your corporate group, organization, class or community from confusion to clarity. With over fifteen years of experience speaking to and teaching adults, professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists she can facilitate a journey that will have your group laughing, learning and transforming. Groups emerge more clear than ever about who they are, their purpose and their value!


Her Presentations are Great For

  1. Leadership Development Conferences and Events

  2. Corporate Development Events

  3. Women's Empowerment and Development Conferences

  4. Non-Profit and Spiritual Communities

  5. Board and Staff Retreats

  6. Wellness Centers

  7. Professional and Entrepreneurial Development


Participants Leave With Tools and Practices for: 


  • Reducing stress and increasing productivity and clarity in the home, workplace or community.

  • Growing Capacity for Empathetic, Compassionate Observation, Acceptance, and Appreciating Different Perspectives

  • Understanding social and power dynamics between authority, colleagues, and management styles, and relationship systems.

  • Learning and utilizing a tool for understanding different types of people and working well within constraints (be they relational or occupational), and

  • Deepening a specific understanding of how to leverage personal gifts, contributions, blind spots and cultivate immediate growth.