Get Out of This World For A Minute

How can a '90s sitcom give us a few codes for living?

The 1990's sitcom "Out of This World" was one of my favorites. The main character, Evie, was a newly-turned teenager navigating the world with a special secret: she was half-alien. Evie had incredible powers, a great house, and could talk to her alien dad through a cube and what she was most concerned about was when her boobs would come in.

I was a little younger than our lead character, so I watched with bug-eyed curiosity as she navigated boys, parties, and middle school life. I loved that every single episode, she solved some problem with her powers and was almost always in danger of being found out by regular humans.

She had many powers: she could teleport from one place to the other. She could make things come into existence from nothing. My absolute favorite power of hers was her ability to put her two fingers together and stop time.

She would do this motion, freeze everything, and inspect. She would look around at the elements of the room and begin to make adjustments. If a ball was about to fly through the house and break a window, she would adjust the trajectory. If a paint can was about to fall off a ladder, she would put it on a lower rung. She could even "unfreeze" someone by touching them to enlist them in her adusting. Then, she would clap her hands and everything would resume, just as smooth and effortless as she envisioned.

So we are not half-alien (most of us). We can't exactly disrupt the time-space continuum and adjust experiences. But we can glean from this fantasy world to make some changes of our own.

We can make time to stop.

Creating space alone, in silence, and in stillness is a gift that we can use to gain perspective. What are we doing, and why? If we are over-doing it, what are we compensating for? Who are we with and why? Do we really even like who we are with? What are we absorbing, and how is it changing us for better or worse? Put your two Evie fingers together over your schedule and make time to stop.

We can invite in positive influences.

Evie would "unfreeze" the one person who could be helpful in the situation. After you have given yourself the benefit of rest in your head, your heart, and your body, who can you invite into your stopped time that would help you return to who you are? This person must be qualified to speak life into you, to encourage you, and to share with you from their own sense of healing and well-being.

We can make things appear.

Evie could make something appear out of nothing. While we cannot actually materialize things, we can create. Do you know what creativity does for your brain? This article says that creativity creates more gray matter in your brain and higher levels of serotonin. Better memory and attention span, and more happiness? What can you create today? A vision or a list? A mind map? If you aren't seeing a vision, can you get your creative juices flowing by coloring a printed mandala?

Okay, so you DO have some powers! You can stop time, unfreeze a guide, and create something out of nothing! Look at you!

There is more, so much more. I haven't even gotten into who you can access by talking into your own cube. I know by now, if you haven't seen the show, you want to. And if you are old enough to remember, allow me to escort you down memory lane with the first episode:

Enjoy yourself, you extra-special life form!

Danielle Fanfair is a teacher, writer and speaker who helps high-impact professionals go from Confusion to Clarity about who they truly are, with a passion for well-being, diversity & inclusion, self-understanding and skills-building. Work with Danielle by clicking here.

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