The Abundance of Noticing

I went for a run after the Houston running cutoff time. If you are not from here, DO NOT get on that trail after 9am until, like, December or something. It gets hot quick and the morning window of coolness closes fast, friends.

It was my fault; I put on my workout clothes and then sat down and lost twenty minutes scrolling in a damn Instagram vortex.

When I got out there, it was hot and humid as a giant mouth. I was kicking myself for not getting out sooner. Self-criticism is a talent of mine, so I berated myself for the scorching sun as a consequence of my inability to get up and out.

This time I did something different. In the seconds between negative self-talk, I looked around. I noticed that though the sun was rising, it wasn’t yet in the middle of the sky. Directly across the street, houses and trees cast a perfect shadow over the sidewalk.

Noticing and simply crossing the street took my run from a blazing hot inferno of punishment to a balmy, breezy journey through my beautiful neighborhood.

Noticing shifted a mistake into a blessing.

Noticing revealed grace.

Noticing brought relief.

There were still folks running on the "hot" side of the street. I couldn't help but wonder if they noticed the difference a few paces in a different direction could make.

In my private practice I did a similar thing. In the frustrating ups and downs of entrepreneurship, I noticed something. The staff trainings I facilitate are the most life-giving to me. I love watching business leaders, colleagues and support staff shift their understanding of themselves and each other. Icebergs melt to expose vulnerable hearts as people shift from seeing each other as obstacles to humans having a shared rough time.

I'm shifting my energy on the other side of the street and into teaching folks that work together how their gifts work together. It has been an abundant shift.

Take a break from the black and white, positive/negative assessment of things right now.

Can you notice without judgement?

What do you notice in the hard moments of your life?

What blessings, grace and relief await your gaze?

How will you shift?


I teach adults how to move from Confusion to Clarity. Want to engage in more conversation? CLICK HERE!

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