Your Superpowers Are Your Contribution

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This a quote I learned from a friend, @mikimou5e on Instagram. Daisaku Ikeda's wisdom is more true today than ever. I believe that we all have unique superpowers and make our lives and the world better by owning, honoring and stewarding them. Every time I teach, train or facilitate a retreat, my intention is to illuminate the power that is already in our hands.

Think about it. Every product you use, each experience you enjoy was created by someone else. Another human with an idea, a talent, a skill. The end result usually comes through some kind of irritation, loss, or pain.

Why is it important to name your superpowers? Because if we don't name and know our unique and valuable contributions, and own what we are capable of, others will fill the empty spaces with their estimate of our value. We are then walking around with an inadequate view of what we are capable of, what is possible and what we can experience.

Years ago, I was stuck in a loop of frustration, anger and resentment. I knew that my life was not in alignment with my deepest desires and every time I tried to expand, I was met with resistance from those closest to me.

When I began a journey of exercising in isolation, I began to remember myself. Memories of my proudest moments washed over me. Flashbacks of my awards, accomplishments and little-girl dreams began to flood my consciousness. I made the decision then, on the trail, that I would no longer allow others' low estimates to influence the bar I set for my life. I decided to name and know my superpowers and put them into action.

As you read this, I want to invite you to consider your superpowers. I was talking with a gifted artist who began to diminish the quality of her work because of the speed with which it happens. I reminded her that superheroes leap buildings in a single bound--we all have innate abilities that are normal to us, yet they are amazing feats to those around us.

A Superpower Practice

As you prepare for whatever is next in your life, consider the following questions:

What are my superpowers? (In other words, what comes quickly and naturally to me that requires more effort for everyone else?)

How am I contributing my superpowers right now?

How are my superpowers generating energy back to me in a life-giving way?

As one of my favorite teachers Benjamin Zander says, "You are a contribution." How would our days be different if we moved in that knowing?

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