Three's in Love: Beyonce' and Jay-Z's Harmony

The Knowles-Carter family is so interesting to watch. I mean, beyond gazing at the royal family of hip hop enjoy “expensive fabrics and expensive habits,” I love how they have a rhythm. They drop projects, show up at basketball games and awards shows when they feel like it, and then disappear for like a year.

Obviously, as a Houstonian and Third Ward Alum, I am a Beyoncé devotee. I just got into to Hov though. His music did not align with me energetically until he fell in love and became a dad. I did always like his interviews; he surprises me when he flicks on this tender vulnerability and solid wisdom. His whole vibe changes and calls our hearts forward.

That reminds me: Bey is adorable in interviews, when she did them. Are we ever going to get one again? Maybe Oprah and Ellen can team up and promise perfect, non-invasive questions. Solange could join and make bold artistic statements, and then give a strong side-eye when things got too close to the chest. It doesn’t even have to get deep. I’d watch them chit-chat for a hot thirty minutes.


Observing both artists, the pattern of movement I mentioned earlier really seems to work for them. They just closed the European leg of their On The Run II Tour, and are embarking on the North American one. Their tour includes 48 shows and runs from June 6-October 4, 2018. Good LAWD that’s some serious work. 

I have a hunch that once they conclude the tour, we won’t see them publicly for a minute, unless it’s at a Laker’s home game. Some images of them on the street may emerge, long-range vacation photos and blurry beach shots, a photo of Blue Ivy going to school even, but we won’t see them doing big appearances.

We may, however hear about a generous donation or participation in a philanthropic event or cause. Like another show of support for #blacklivesmatter, more college tuitions could be paid, or one of them might launch (and finance) some Houston-based or New York organization that meets a very specific and timely need.

Then, just when you thought it was safe, BOOM! A secret album drops. We scramble to see documentary film they executive produce. Beyoncé takes on a starring role in a film.

Now I don’t know their schedule any more than what I see on the ‘gram, but I see the Harmony Triads at work here.

I think both Jay-Z and Beyoncé move with a strong Type 3 energy on the Enneagram. Threes move ahead of the group, are highly ambitious and image-conscious. They are shining lights, examples of integrity and honesty in the world. They are highly ambitious and give us hope and demonstrate new possibility.

I got certified as a Harmony Triads Practitioner this year. The Harmony Triads represent each personality type’s connection to corresponding types in the head, heart and gut groups. Learn about the Head, Heart and the Gut by clicking here to download my gift to you, a free e-book!

Each type connects to two other types via an equilateral triangle. The triads are: 3 | 6 | 9, 1 | 4 | 7, and 2 | 5 | 8. Check out the image below, courtesy of Motions of The Soul, © iEnneagram. Read a brief description of each type here.

Harmony Triads Diagram

During my certification training, we learned the concept of the “Under-Nourished Soul Child,” a theory that each type is connected to other types that form the triad. The other types in the triad represent parts of the individual that were dismissed, or under-nourished as a child, and we learned that our dominant personality worked better for us in our childhood environment.

For those who are dominant in Type 3, Clare says:

"Beneath every confident, self-assured and forward-moving THREE is an

Under-nourished Type 9: unflappable, fundamentally lazy about paying clear and complete attention to what is occurring, just wants to stay under the covers. Fears if they relax, they’ll become inert.

Or an

Under-nourished Type 6: doubtful, anxious, insecure and sees the world as hostile and malevolent.”

The work here for Type Threes is to be sensitive to his or her heart condition (the intelligence that Threes use the most). How do you feel? What are you most afraid that others are saying or thinking? What is true? Then, create intentional pauses in solitude to heal, recover from all that hard work and develop the other intelligences.

Threes develop the under-nourished Nine through taking moments of rest that have specific beginnings and endings. They develop the under-nourished Six by waking up to what they believe and summoning the courage to act on it.

The stories about their work ethic are astonishing. The quality of their work is irrefutable—that’s their Type 3 in action. The long, meandering vacations we see are Jay and Bey moving into their Type Nine. Their acts of relevant and specific generosity are movements into the Type Six, deciding to do something about the meanness, pain and trauma they see in the world. Not just singing “Free Meek”; actually investing in the legal support to help the wrongfully imprisoned hip hop artist get his freedom.

Hey, we really can learn a lot from the Knowles-Carter duo in this area. They aren’t JUST going "apeshit" in the Louvre. They are recuperating on remote vacations, chilling at home, experiencing the everyday adventures of parenting. They are investing their resources and paying attention, seeking to be the change they want to see in the world.

They are experiencing harmony.

What does Harmony look like for you?

Do you want to learn your personality type? Click here to get your copy of Go From Confusion to Clarity, a self-paced guide to understanding yourself and others better.

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